Stormy May & Fenja Königsmann

Heartful Horse Connections


Our Horses, Our Teachers

Horses can guide us out of the busy, exhausting world and into the world of deeper understanding and peace when we become willing to reexamine our concepts and meet the horses with an open heart and mind.


We teach with a lot of empathy for the horse and the human and don’t work according to fixed concepts such as dominance and classical conditioning. We offer clear direction and support to strengthen your bond. We adapt each lesson to the horse-human pair taking into consideration the current situation and state of mind, as well as past traumas.

Our goal is attentive, heartful cooperation, where both horse and human are having fun and trusting each other.

In order to achieve this, we must be adept at reading the horses‘ emotions and empathizing with them – seeing the world through the horses‘ eyes. We sensitize people to the emotions of the horse and help them read their horse’s expressions and work with them accordingly.

It’s important to always listen to honest feedback from the horse. This only works if you work without force and the horse’s choices are honored.

Our lessons are suitable for all levels of experience and training.

Where are you getting stuck? 

  • Are you getting conflicting advice from professionals and other horse owners?
  • Are you burdened with worry about proper nutrition, exercise, vet or farrier care?
  • Do you have a pushy, fearful or disrespectful horse?
  • Do you want to understand your horse and cultivate trust, safety and peace in your relationship?
  • Are you searching for compassionate, non-forceful, harmonious ways to work with horses?
  • Do you want to help yourself and others find ways to truly enjoy our time with horses?
  • Do you feel like you’re not being the best human you could be for your horse?

You wouldn’t use a rope or a whip to control a human dance partner. Why are so many people convinced you need these to control a horse?

Take your horsemanship to the next level, beyond training. Learn to communicate, build trust and understanding from the heart, without ropes, halters, bridles, whips or small spaces. End the dependence on force and step into a new world of compassion, joy and healing together with horses.

We can work on all that, and more, together!

We can help you enjoy the time you spend with and around your horse. And what makes this even better: everything you will learn with us will help you in your everyday life as well and make you feel better overall.

Together, we will explore different ways to communicate with your horse and all other ‘beings’ in your life – you will achieve an open and trusting relationship with your horse, and develop reliable two-way communication.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes?” – Henry David Thoreau


Course Topics Include:

Understanding the Horse

Start the journey of improving your relationship with your horse and the rest of your environment by examining what it looks like in the current moment.

Learn what motivates your horse and how to recognize what he’s already communicating.

Experiencing Presence

Horses are masters at being in the present moment which is why they make such great teachers and partners. 

Build open and trusting relationships by incorporating presence into your daily life. 

Imagine what it would be like for you to experience connection almost every moment of the day.

Reexamining Beliefs

We do not have to be victims of our minds or our brains’ hardwiring. Staying trapped in old ways of thinking and acting undermine our opportunities for heartful communication.

We will practice ways to rewire our neural pathways with new ways of thinking that result in behaviors that support us rather than harm us, both individually and in relationships.

Massage and Bodywork

Massage and soft-tissue mobilisations work wonders to increase mental and physical well being. It has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve blood flow and lymph drainage. 

You will learn to use simple massage and mobilisation techniques to give your horse a satisfying massage or to help your horse through bodily struggles.  

As a result, you will continue to deepen the bond you have with your horse. 


We all experience trauma throughout our life. Learn to recognize and work with symptoms of trauma including anxiety, aggression, laziness, reluctance, stable vices and more with a mix of healing modalities.

Playing with Horses

There’s something about playing with horses at liberty that’s freeing. You will find out what true liberty really means. Learn how to develop clear 2-way communication with your horse on his terms. Discover the benefits of an autonomous relationship.

When you take away all the tools you are left with nothing but the truth.

Connection to Nature

Explore ways to get out of our own way and tune into the deeper stirrings coming through from nature in the form of horses. Horses are gifted teachers – you will learn valuable life lessons as you learn to truly listen to them. 

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can be a safe, engaging, fun way to inspire ourselves and our horses to look forward to everyday tasks from hoofcare and trailering to vet visits and rehabilitation.

Learn ways to ethically gain your horse’s cooperation and deepen your bond while giving your horse the care she needs.


What are the benefits of working with a mentor?

Our minds are tricky things. It’s often easier to see what’s getting in someone else’s way than our own. That’s where a mentor can help keep you progressing towards your goals. We all need someone we can have a conversation with, someone who has our best interest at heart and will keep us accountable when the path gets rough.

Working with someone who has a proven method for helping people communicate with true understanding and empathy is a quick and effective way to get the results you’re looking for. 

Working with two mentors multiplies our opportunities for understanding. We’ve found it takes a team so we’re teaming up to offer expertise that goes beyond our individual limitations.


Stormy May’s early career included horse training, dressage and eventing competition and work as a Chief Horse Management Judge and National Examiner with the United States Pony Club. In 2006 she followed her dream to more deeply study the horse human bond, which resulted in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. Stormy continues to study horses, humans and our relationship with the natural world with numerous teachers around the world. Some of her biggest influences have been Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick, Eckhart Tolle, Hermann Hesse and Ken Wilber.


Fenja Königsmann’s journey into equine therapeutics began with an extensive background in horse training; which unexpectedly led to a career-jolting relationship with a challenging mare named Garzi. Since 2013, with Garzi as her most influential teacher, Fenja has pursued a holistic path, studying various methods including Intrinzen and Freedom Based Training with Elsa Sinclair, and earning professional certifications in equine thermography and Raindrop-Massage. Fenja’s understanding of human-horse dynamics continues to evolve, as she makes progress toward international credentials in osteopathy and acupuncture. Some of her biggest influences have been Elsa Sinclair, Kathy Sierra, Steinar Sigurbjornsson, Stormy May, Janek Vluggen, Mark Rashid and Alexander Nevzorov.



An Exclusive Member’s Area

The course exercises are delivered on a private site over 12 weeks as you progress through the modules. You will have unlimited access to them even after the course is done.

Written, Audio and Video versions of the Exercises

Each module during the 12 weeks contains exercises in audio, video and written formats. Whatever your learning style, we’ll make sure you understand how to do the lessons and find the gifts your horse has waiting for you.

A Downloadable Workbook

Stay on track with a preformatted course workbook that you can download and print to keep notes during the course.

Private Facebook Group Access

You’ll be invited to join Stormy, and Fenja in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share photos and videos, and provide additional resources to enhance your learning experience.

Lifetime Access to a Private Graduate’s Group

Whether you enroll in the private or group 12-week course, your support doesn’t end after 12 weeks. After graduation, you are invited to join a private Facebook group of people who are exploring Heartful Horse Communication and have been through the course. No extra charge!

Video Conference Group-Calls

If you’re doing the group course, you’ll have the opportunity to get together for accountability and support while forming community in a small group. The calls are recorded and posted in our private Facebook group which allows for ongoing reflections as we rewatch and deepen our understanding. We schedule the calls so that everyone can attend.


One-on-One Calls with us

All of our teaching is tailored to what we discuss during our private calls. We’ll spend the time it takes to find what you need to focus on to move ahead to your dreams.


Upon completion of our course, you will receive a signed certificate from us.

Video Evaluations 

You will have the chance to send us video-clips that Stormy and Fenja will go over together and then evaluate with you on the phone or via Zoom in our One-on-One calls with you, to help you through any struggles you face throughout the course. 

BONUS: Check In after Graduation

Stay on course after graduation with a bonus call and video evaluation two months after the end of the 12 weeks. Get the extra boost to stay on track to continue living your dream! 

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from realizing our kinship with all beings.” – Pema Chodrön


If you feel like Heartful Horse Connections  is for you, here are your next steps:

  1. Schedule a call with us.
  2. Be available to jump on the phone (or video call) with Stormy or Fenja to explore whether or not it’s a great fit for all of us.
  3. Be ready to step up for the next 12 weeks and get ready for the fast track to manifesting your dream relationships!

Said with love, these conversations are not free coaching calls. It’s a chance for us to see if you being part of the course is the right move for you – we want you to have the best possible chance of succeeding!

Then if that’s the case, we’ll get you all set up and registered.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

All our love and belief in YOU!

Peace and heartbeats, Stormy and Fenja