I appreciate you showing up here to learn more about what I do. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for on here, always feel free to reach out to me via my contact form.


Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic method that focuses on finding and mobilizing restrictions that can affect all structures in the body. Any loss of mobility anywhere in the body can cause an imbalance in health.


(Laser-)Acupuncture is powerful in addressing the energetic restrictions in the body that can be found along the meridians (energy pathways) that run throughout the entire body.


Animals have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Horses especially have had a special place in my heart. I’ve always loved their innate sense of wildness, honesty, and power and at the same time the peacefulness, and ultimate presence they exude.

In my work it’s essential to look at the animal in its entirety – as a bodyworker this of course includes the animals physical state, but it is just as important to me to know the animals emotional state as well, because e-motions (‘energy in motion’) can have a massive effect on the health of the entire body.

This is why I’ve gotten my certifications in multiple different bodywork modalities, including an extensive four year training to become an Equine Osteopath EDO®.

Because the psychosomatic effects on the body is something that is very important to consider, I continue to immerse myself in my own self-growth, working on my emotional well-being and wholeness, in order to be able to show up for your animal to the best of my ability.

I believe that only when we look at the animal in its entirety, including the psychosomatic side of things, its environment, its guardians, its social life, etc., do we have a chance of finding the root cause of the symptoms that your animal is showing me and addressing it fully.


When I come to do bodywork on a horse, it is very important to me to work WITH the horse and not against it.

If you’ve ever had bodywork done yourself, you might know it’s not always comfortable – as a human we can understand that and deal with it accordingly. Our horses communicate what’s going on for them a bit differently and some horses are more direct than others. So when I am working on a horse, I take any differences in behavior or demeanor as information and adjust accordingly if necessary, but I never punish – as long as I can keep myself, the horse and the guardian safe, I just take in what the horse is saying and don’t react to it otherwise.

This means when a horse tells me they don’t like something I’m doing, I will honor what they are saying. For my sessions that means if I repeatedly get a clear no from a horse, I know there is a specific reason for the horse to say no to what I’m doing. And that could be as simple as the horse not being ready for that yet or it could be something else. In those instances, I might try a different approach or leave it for the next session to work on.

Bottom line is I don’t want to fight with the horse I’m working on because that won’t help achieve the healthy balance I’m striving for. Yes, I might do things the horse doesn’t like as much, but what I want to stay away from is doing things the horse’s body isn’t ready to receive yet.


Dr. Noa, Shalva & Panda

THANK YOU, Fenja. Meeting you was simply magical. Thank you for listening to the horses, and for listening to me; you really took the time and made the three of us feel at ease.

Your calm confidence is inspiring and the enjoyment you have while doing your work is contagious. Your detailed attentive holistic approach to each horse made me envy them for the duration of their sessions. You were able to touch their ears (!) and maneuver their legs in several complicated twists and kicks, and everyone remained calm and safe.

You are knowledgeable, skilled, and at the same time you are flexible in your approach and adapt the work to the individual horse. Last but not least, you brought the best out of my two horses, who typically have completely different, often conflicting needs. The horses are very calm in the days that followed their sessions, they get along better with one another, and I see them standing squared/balanced often.

I have no hesitation in recommending this experience to every horse and horse owner. Let the magic spread!

Anne-Marie & Major

We had the pleasure of working with Fenja for the first time recently and WOW!

Major and I were awakened to the powerful therapy of Ostepathy. Major is in a new environment and adjusting to a whole new way of being. After one session with Fenja he was clearly more comfortable, balanced and centered in his body and surroundings, his whole demeanor relaxed and his confidence in being handled in various postures was much higher. I am very, very grateful for the impact the treatment made and I look forward to continuing to grow together.

Additionally, Fenja was available after treatment for questions I had related to diet and was very helpful and responsive. She also took the time to follow up and showed she genuinely cares and is invested in your horses well-being. I’ve already recommended her to all of my barn buddies! Thanks Fenja!

Kristen & Maggie

I highly recommend Fenja for Osteopathy on your horses!

Both my horses Maggie amd Mojo have made such huge changes in their bodies after even just the 1st session! I’ve used chiropractic care on them with some changes that don’t seem to last.
The Osteopathy really looks at the WHOLE horses body! It finds and can correct imbalances in the organs, joints ect., making these positive changes last in the horses!

My horses bodies look amazing now and the feel more supple when I ride them 🙂

Fenja takes her time, listens to the horse, and is obviously very skilled at Osteopathy.

I also will ONLY use Osteopathy dentistry for my horses from now on!!


Seraphina, Johansen & Butterscotch

Fenja has worked on several of my horses and helped them feel more comfortable in their bodies. Her wholistic approach, from my perspective, has been more enlightening and gotten better results for my horses than any other type of body work or medical care I have tried. Fenja’s demeanor with the horses is compassionate and they trust her, she is clearly an experienced horse handler. She is knowledgeable about horse psychology, biomechanics and nutrition and able to paint a full spectrum picture of their needs. I see marked improvements under saddle and behaviorally in each of my horses she has worked on. Her nutritional knowledge is absolutely on point and the best advice I have received from any horse expert, trainer or vet. I am so thankful for the work she has done on my horses and for the nutritional advice, I recommend her to every horse owner who wants their horse to live up to their full potential in comfort.

Sabrina & Hely

My mare Hely and I haven’t really found a way to communicate with each other yet. Fenja has helped us greatly improve our communication and is very empathetic towards both horse and human. She perceives even the smallest ‘communication errors’ that can lead to misunderstandings and helps us eliminate them. We haven’t worked together that much yet but would like her continued support.

Dear Fenja, many thanks! Keep up the good work!

Lynette, Clementine & Kia

I have read about Fenja and her work with Equine Osteopathy for several years. Finally this year after my horses had a bout of colitis it was clearly the time. One horse is 26 and one horse is 16. Fenja’s work is impressivly deep and immediately effective. I could see the horses feeling better after the first treatment. Fenja recommended supplements for the colitis and organic food based vitamins. These were also helpful. Her commitment to the health of my horses caused a deep change in myself and my wife, and we are so fortunate to have had the opportunity for Fenja to work on our mares. Thankful for you Fenja.