We all dream of feeling deeply connected to our horse and building a true partnership based on mutual understanding and trust.


Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic method that focuses on finding and mobilizing restrictions that can affect all structures in the body. Any loss of mobility anywhere in the body can cause an imbalance in health.


(Laser-)Acupuncture is powerful in addressing the energetic restrictions in the body that can be found along the meridians (energy pathways) that run throughout the entire body. 


I have been in love with horses for as long as I can remember. Nothing compares with the sense of calm that surrounds horses grazing in a field, or the  honest joy with which they greet their human partners.

In my work it’s essential to get to know the horse in its entirety–its emotional state, its biomechanics, its unique character– in order to be able to learn exactly where potential problems might originate.

This is why I’ve decided to offer the services of horse thermography and raindrop-massage.

Only when we really listen to the horse’s needs and feelings can we build trust and  communicate honestly without force or pain.


In every interaction, it is important to treat  each horse fairly and see him as our equal partner. This approach helps us really listen to our horses and get to know their feelings. In this way, we are able to achieve a trusting relationship, one that is based on mutual mindfulness and awareness.  

It’s very important that the horse’s emotions are considered in daily interactions, and that the horse has the chance to say no, if it deems it necessary.

Simply put: I choose to work WITH the horse and not against it!


Dani & Mitch

Almost every person who owns a horse prefers to simply ride it. In my opinion, anyone who says differently is not being completely honest. When it comes to Fenja I wouldn’t be so sure, though. In the time I’ve known her she has shown me a variety of other fun, useful and challenging things to do with my horse. I think her training is great for anyone who wants to use their time outside of the saddle sensibly and is looking for new ideas or a new path to their horse. It is fun to see accomplishments with your horse and get to know a whole new side of it. As well as getting to know knew sides of yourself. I think everyone should try it – it doesn’t hurt, it’s fun! ;))

Alex & Fanti

I am a passionate dressage rider and haven’t been involved with ground work at all so far. I found Fenja number by chance and wanted to try out “ground work”. I thought it was nonsense and wasn’t expecting much. Pretty quickly I realized that I was very wrong – despite my many years of experience in the horse world I learned so many new things in my first lesson alone. The training brought me closer to my mare and she has been mich more motivated in our normal daily training because of it.

I can highly recommend Fenja as a teacher. She explains everything in a relaxed and detailed way that makes sense to my horse and myself. The training with her is fun for both my mare and myself 🙂

Sabrina & Hely

My mare Hely and I haven’t really found a way to communicate with each other yet. Fenja has helped us greatly improve our communication and is very empathetic towards both horse and human. She perceives even the smallest ‘communication errors’ that can lead to misunderstandings and helps us eliminate them. We haven’t worked together that much yet but would like her continued support.

Dear Fenja, many thanks! Keep up the good work!

Corinna & Delia

Fenja was always at my side whenever there was a misunderstanding between my mare and me. In our first couple months together, we had a lot of misunderstandings. So many that I became fearful of my mare. With a calm demeanor and lot of patience Fenja usually managed to calm me down before she showed be a lot of helpful and horse friendly Tipps and tricks to prevent our misunderstandings and build up trust again. She never let me down and walked my mare across the barn in every weather, when I’d just stand there paralyzed with tears in my eyes, simply because I thought I couldn’t overcome my fear. She showed me that my mare was neither evil nor dangerous, as I thought at first. There were simply many mistakes in our communication and we weren’t a very good team yet.

Fenja helped us back to a place of mutual trust.