Sometimes it’s the most difficult moments in life that help us find our best path.

 I was a classically trained and enthusiastic dressage rider, about to give up on the horse I loved. My mare, Garzi had become uncooperative. No matter how persistently I worked with her, she resisted my commands. She repeatedly bucked and would tighten up if I requested that she change gaits.

Today, at 25 years old I have become a completely different person.

Even during my time in school my wish has always been to work with horses one day and to turn my constantly growing passion into my profession.

In January 2019 I was able to fulfill that dream! In May 2014 my mare Garzi found her way into my life  over the years she has taught me so much; it is to her that I owe it to her that I am the way I am today.]

Our quite bumpy road together helped me find a fairer, finer way of working with horses. Garzi has also showed me how much the work with horses gives back, strengthens and fulfills me.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help as many horses to a better life as possible, so I can give them back a fraction of what they have already given me.

I’ve created my very own mix through dozens of books, lessons, courses and above all through the work with my mare.

I now have a completely different view on ‘being’ with horses than I did back then. I want to accomplish that more and more horse people get sensitized to their horses overall well being – mind and body!

A holistic view of the horse is very important to me. That’s why I’ve decided to add to my current services and become an equine osteopath, as well. I started my 3.5 year training in September, 2019. Additionally, I’m started a training in Febuary 2020 to become an equine acupunturist, too. I’ve also been studying animal psychology and regularly take part in all kinds of courses.


  • Certified Equine Thermographer
  • Certified Raindrop Masseuse
  • Animal psychology (horse, dog, cat) – online university since febuary 2019
  • Equine Osteopathy since September 2019
  • Equine Acupuncture/Acupressure since February 2020
  • working together with Stormy May (since January 2020)
  • several clinics with Alfonso Aguilar, Elsa Sinclair and Steinar Sigurbjörnsson (Intrinzen), amongst others
  • years of lessons with Susanne & Carsten Ewers ‚Harmonie Vital‘
  • Online courses: Stine Küster: ‚horse-language‘; Babette Teschen – longe-course; Kathy Sierra: Project Proprius: Intrinzen


We all dream of being connected to our horse and building a true partnership based on mutual trust.

Our horses didn’t get the chance to choose who buys them, where and how they live. That’s why it’s all the more important to me that they have as much say as possible when working with us. My goal is a friendly, trusting togetherness with mutual awareness, mindfulness and fun.

I am aware of the fact that not everyone wants to work solely at liberty without any equipment whatsoever. I believe it’s possible to work together with a halfter and a lead rope and still preserve a feeling of freedom – and that’s what it’s all about for me: the feeling the horse gets while working with us.

It is also very important to me to be able to simply enjoy time together, be able to relax with your horse, to let go, to show gratitude towards the horse and perhaps to recall what a privilege it is to be allowed work with such graceful and proud animals.

Once we give our horses the chance to say no, they will surprise us with a cheerful yes again and again. Horses don’t want conflicts, they want a peaceful, friendly togetherness. If we give them that, they give back so much!

Horses are masters at being themselves and living in the moment. If we really let ourselves become involved with our horses, I believe we can learn an enormous amount from them (if we truly let them in).


    A good partnership is always based on honest and open togetherness.

    Animal welfare

    The psychological and physical health of an animal is always the first thing to take care of. 


    Communication is the foundation of every good, long-lasting and trusting relationship.